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Joyce Osborn Wilson [Read More]

Joyce has been a pioneer in the teeth-whitening business since 2004. She is also the current president of the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, an industry group that represents the interests of non-dentists teeth whiteners and opposes efforts by dental boards to monopolize the industry. Before the Alabama Board of Dental Examiners began enforcing its prohibition on non-dentist teeth whitening, her company, Bright White, provided teeth-whitening products to entrepreneurs throughout the state.

Alabama Teeth Whitening [Read More]

Teeth-whitening services are popular and increasingly available at spas, salons and shopping malls. Like many entrepreneurs, Keith Westphal and Joyce Osborn saw this demand and sought to meet it; both sold over-the-counter whitening products and provided a clean, comfortable place for customers to apply the product to their own teeth, just as they would at home. But in Alabama, Keith and Joyce could face jail time and crippling fines for selling the same products sold in stores or online..

A Clash Over Who Is Allowed to Give You a Brighter Smile [Read More]

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — In the middle of the enduring conflict between liberty and public welfare stands Joyce Osborn Wilson and her teeth-whitening business.

After 26 years of running The Hairport, Ms. Wilson, who now lives in this pretty lakeside town in northern Alabama, invented a whitening system called IGNITE and began selling it to other salons and spas. It was all smiles for a year or so.

BEKS Incorporated’s Professional Teeth Whitening Made Available to Spas & Med Spas [Read More]

JASPER, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After years of extensive research, BEKS Incorporated, a product and development company and worldwide provider of non-invasive medical and aesthetic devises, has developed IGNITE Teeth Whitening System®. IGNITE is the first chair-side professional teeth whitening system made available to spas and med spas. “Now, you can get your teeth whitened while visiting your favorite spa for a manicure or facial,” says Joyce Osborn, President and CEO of BEKS Incorporated, and inventor of the IGNITE Teeth Whitening System®.

A Spat Over Teeth-Whitening Businesses [Read More]

Tennessee recently became the most recent of a handful of states to crackdown on the teeth-whitening business.

Teeth-whitening franchises have run afoul of several state dental boards and, in January, the Tennessee Board of Dentistry declared that the kiosk-whiteners are practicing dentistry without a license.

Joyce Osborn, president of the trade group Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, went before the board to unsuccessfully argue that teeth-whitening is safe.

How teeth whitening ruling could change the way state does business: Today’s Alabama political update [Read More]

The future of Alabama’s sparking smiles hangs in the balance in an Alabama courtroom today.

Judge Elisabeth French will begin hearing arguments at 9 a.m. at the Jefferson County Courthouse on a case questioning whether someone who is not a dentist can legally offer teeth whitening services. But the case isn’t just about pearly whites – it could have far reaching consequences on a host of other professional services.

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