The most revolutionary, complete teeth whitening system globally.

Up to 4-6 Shades Whiter in 20 Minutes with Zero Sensitivity!


Why use IGNITE® by BriteWhite?

teeth whitening system
“As an actress and someone that’s always on the go, it’s so important to me to have a pearly white smile at all times – especially being in the spotlight. The IGNITE® Teeth Whitening System is a must-have.” – Alisa Reyes, Actress, Loyal Customer & Spokesperson
ignite® by britewhite

See how IGNITE® compares with the rest! IGNITE® is revolutionary, effective, easy-to-use and safe, with years of research and development backing up the amazing results.

led teeth whitening system
Sounds and looks too good to be true? It’s not, with the IGNITE® by BriteWhite LED Teeth Whitening System. See and hear from our trusted and loyal customers about how IGNITE® has changed the game!

IGNITE® is Easy, Safe, Effective

IGNITE® is safe, effective and affordable. You can expect improvement in just the first 20 minutes!
IGNITE® whitens very quickly without the problems of sensitivity.
IGNITE® is patented and FDA cleared, CSA (for Canada) cleared and CE registered to travel anywhere.
IGNITE® systems can be used while on the computer, treadmill, or just relaxing while watching TV or reading a book.

Hollywood Movie Actress Alisa Reyes On The IGNITE® LED Teeth Whitening System.

The Complete Solution

Previously sold only to salons and spas, the IGNITE® by BriteWhite LED Teeth Whitening System accelerates the effects of the custom activating gel that whitens all teeth, front and back, upper and lower, in less time and without negative side effects associated with whitening.

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